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Buyer Information

You are seriously thinking about buying a home, and all of a sudden a host of questions pops into your mind.

Who should I call for assistance?
How much will it cost?
Oh Boy! I need help!

These pages are here to help you find the answers to the above questions and hopefully convince you to call us for assistance. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices we want you to be an informed, confident and happy buyer of real estate. We think that buying a house, commercial building or even a lot should be a fun and hassle free adventure!

How much does it cost?

    At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices there is no cost for you to obtain information about listings, to see listings or to enlist our assistance. We can show you any and all properties listed with all the companies in the Board of REALTORS® as well as our own.

Which REALTOR® should I choose?

    At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices we suggest you take into consideration several aspects before you choose your REALTOR®.

    Your rapport with the REALTOR® – How do you feel when you are with the REALTOR®?  Can you talk easily with them and are they listening to what you have to say?  Do they seem to take you seriously and have the desire to help you in any way they can?  You must be able to answer YES to this question.

    Experience– How long has the agent been in the business and does he or she specialize in the kinds of property you are looking for?  See our Agents pages.

    Reputation – Does he or she have a good and honest reputation for doing business the "right way"? Ask your friends and neighbors or business associates, or if you’re from out of town check with the Chamber of Commerce.

    Strength of Real Estate firm – Does the agent have a strong firm behind him or her to provide assistance that may become necessary at some time during the buying process?  Does the firm have a good reputation?

    Like above, you can ask your friends and neighbors and check out local business people. You’ll find Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices has an excellent reputation and has developed strong ties with all the real estate supporting industries.

    You’ll find a lot of answers on our Meet our Agents pages. Read about them. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices agents can fulfill your needs in an honest and professional manner. If you need additional information or a referral contact Larry Pickens at 812-334-2021 or lpickens@bhhsin.com.

    We're all ready and able to service your needs.